Our Playgroup is equipped with ultra-modern facilities and caters to the needs of babies and toddlers, thereby giving parents the required peace of mind to enhance productivity at the workplace.

Why Choose Our Playgroup?

  • Qualified & Passionate Caregivers

We understand that babies and toddlers are very vulnerable, as they are at the early stage of development. For that reason, our Playgroup  is staffed with only trained and qualified caregivers. We also ensure our team of caregivers are made up of people with a natural affinity for toddlers.

  • Spacious, Well-Lit Rooms & Dedicated Caregivers

Our classrooms are spacious with adequate light and ventilation. Our primary objective is to ensure babies in our care are comfortable at all times, by changing their wet diapers on time, giving them nutritious food according to their need and encouraging good habits through routine activities such as potty training.

  • Play-based Learning

Teaching ABC or 123 rhymes to toddlers and asking them to repeat is quite odd. This is because it has been observed that teaching toddlers through instruction isn’t effective in making them comprehend the basis of what is being taught. For this reason, in our Playgroup, we adopt play-based learning – an integral part of the Montessori teaching method, which is proven to help kids learn faster and comprehend the basis of what they are being taught.

Through play-based learning, your child gets to play, have fun, and still learn the alphabets and numbers. This method not only helps the child with speech but enhances the essential skill of communication.

  • Individualized Learning

Our caregivers understand how boys and girls grow and learn; they also take their time to study and understand the interest of each child in their care. Hence, they give each child the required attention that will enable him or her to learn and develop relevant skills.

  • Security

We have policies that ensure your child is safe. For instance, children can only be picked up by the parents or any registered members of a family. Our school is safe and secure with access controls and trained security personnel who ensure the school is protected from invaders.