our admission policy


Admissions are based on availability of space and ability of a child to succeed in the placement test. Parents of prospective pupils are encouraged to take a tour around the school.

A health form is attached to the admission form and must be completed and returned within two weeks for your child to complete enrollment. An immunization record must be provided on or before the first day of school. If your child is ill, we prefer that you keep him or her at home and notify the school. Any medication needs to be brought to the attention of the school’s administration.

Lunch: Parents are expected to send their children to school with a nutritious lunch – no junk food should be provided. Children are not permitted to share their food and any leftover will be sent home so that you will know the quantity your child has consumed. Parents are to provide water daily for their children.

Uniforms are to be purchased from designated outlets only. The school uniform is to be worn with black shoes and white socks for both boys and girls. Sports wear are to be worn with white canvas shoes and socks on P.E. days, i.e., Wednesdays.

Parents/guardians are to ensure that their children/wards observe simple rules of personal hygiene which include the following:

  • Finger nails must be cut short
  • Teeth must be brushed everyday
  • Uniform must be changed, at least, every other day
  • Singlet, vest and briefs (pants) must be worn and changed daily.
  • Boys’ hair must always be cut low and neatly brushed.
  • Girls’ hair should be cut short or plaited.
  • Decorated beads should be properly fastened to avoid children swallowing loose ones accidently.

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We welcome parents to the Dayspring Family where the development of a whole person is at the heart of the school.



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